I am a full-time researcher at the Institute of Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences, in Kraków, where I work in CLS Infra Horizon 2020 (g.a. No 101004984) project. In the past I participated in the Foundations of Computational Stylistics project and Deep Learning in the Computational Stylistics collaboration with University of Antwerp. My research in all of these projects has been dedicated to cross-lingual computational stylistics and advancing stylometry methodology and its understanding, especially locating method limitations and developing evaluation procedures.

Apart from computational stylistics I am also interested in discourse analysis and sociolinguistics, especially in connection to ‘big data’ and multimodal perspective. I hold BA and MA in English Philology (having written MA thesis on stylometry of Doctor Who) and BSc in Electronic Information Processing, sharing tech and humanities passions, now working on my PhD at the same Institute I work in. The project builds on my research on authorship and style of television works, looking to enhance Distant Reading of audiovisual data, and perhaps even propose novel methods of multimodal stylometry.

I am a member of Computational Stylistics Group, with which I’ve been collaborating since 2016, both on projects and ‘stylo’ tutoring sessions. As an active participant in the DH community I have taught courses in various summer schools, including regular courses at DHSI, and co-organize Digital Humanities Lunches in Kraków.

I was deeply engaged in the activities of COST Action Distant Reading, especially Working Group 2 “Methods and Tools”, which I was honored to formally lead in years 2020-2022. Starting in spring 2023, I am also holding the position of vice-chair of the Steering Committee to the ADHO Special Interest Group for Digital Literary Studies.

On a less academic note, I love learning languages - speaking Polish, English, Spanish and German (as well as bits of some others) - weird music, good (sometimes also weird) TV, and all things gluten.

While this website is dedicated primarily to my research and teaching activities, you can find more formal information about me - including education and project experience on my Institute page (also available in Polish).