Materials from my workshops

Materials from Malaga workshop

The “Identifying Direct Speech using Deep Learning” workshop presenting possibilities of using BERT language model in various NLP tasks, with specific focus on automatic annotation of direct speech in diverse multilingual session. here

Galway Distant Reading Methods and Tools workshop

Materials for the Distant Reading Training School 2018, Workshop 1: Methods and Tools of Distant Reading Adapted to Multiple European Languages here.

HSE “Stylometry with R” workshop

Notes and materials from HSE DH School 2018 here.

DHSI “Stylometry with R” course

Notes and materials for 2019 course here.

Notes and materials from 2018 course here.


If you’re looking for general stylo how-tos, please see the website of Computational Stylistics Group for a brief introduction to stylo and gephi or more advanced instructions.

Go ahead and ask me if you have any questions!